Sometimes concrete cutting and removal aren’t called for; that’s where Dan-Kel’s concrete grinding can complete the project. Using walk-behind grinders to fix trip hazards, remove concrete coatings, and to smooth out uneven concrete, Dan-Kel’s technicians are experts in their field. The grinders use a diamond-impregnated grinding rotor, with water, to grind the surface, making two adjoining slabs that were once uneven, back to even. This is vital in safety applications where forklifts’ trip hazards are a safety concern. Safety of your workforce or clients should be at the top of your list, and uneven concrete should always be fixed. The application of new flooring requires perfectly smooth and even concrete surfaces as well. Dan-Kel’s grinders can fix concrete doorjambs heaved from weather or other causes. Simple, fast and affordable, Dan-Kel offers free quotes on grinding and all their concrete-related services.

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