Dan-Kel has worked on many exciting projects over the years. Here are some of the larger ones:

Center St. WWTP Capacity Improvements for Encore/Garney Construction, City of Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Over the past two years we have done extensive concrete modifications to the Water Treatment Plant to include slab sawing, core drilling (1″ up to 54″ diameter holes), wall sawing and wire sawing. This is a long term project still in progress.


CMC Steel- Cayce, SC

We are the preferred concrete cutter for most of the contractors on this site in Cayce, S.C. We’ve performed countless core drilling and sawing jobs for multiple contractors at CMC steel in Cayce, SC.


Flatiron Constructors/ SCDOT Highway 31 Expansion in Horry County

Flatiron Constructors, Inc. Highway 31 expansion project. We are contracted to be part of this high profile project from beginning to end. At this point, only the bridges are being built. We are providing deep core drilling (4″ diameter, up to 20′ deep) for testing of the concrete piers. When the roadway gets paved we will be performing all of the green sawing and joint sealing for the project.


GDOT I-16 Rehab and Lane Replacement Project – Apac Tennessee, Inc./ McCarthy Improvement, Inc.

This project involves patching the left lane and replacing the right lane and the two asphalt shoulders with new concrete on 64 miles of roadway (32 miles eastbound and westbound) on I-16 between Macon and Savannah, Ga. Dan-Kel is responsible for all of the cutting associated with the 10″-thick lane removal. To do this we are using a fleet of high powered diesel walk-behind concrete saws and water trucks. Dan-Kel is also responsible for all of the green sawing and sealing for the new lane and shoulders. This project started in the summer of 2013 and should be complete by the beginning of 2016.


Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc./ SCDOT Bridge Demolition on Hwy 917 in Mullins, SC

Dan-Kel was responsible for all of the bridge deck sawing and concrete removal. We also performed hand sawing and wire sawing to remove pile caps. We worked with BBII and their crane operator to get the bridge down safely, efficiently, on time, and under budget.


Carolina Bridge, Inc. Hwy 17/ NCDOT Bridge Demolition in Wilmington, NC

Dan-Kel worked with Carolina Bridge’s crews to cut the bridge into pieces to be loaded by crane and carted off by flatbed trucks. This work required the use of diesel walk-behind saws with up to 48″ diameter blades as well as wire sawing. We were able to put multiple machines on the job to help Carolina Bridge get ahead of schedule. Additional demolition work forthcoming on this jobsite.


TIC, The Industrial Company/ NCDOT. Isabel Holmes Bridge in Wilmington, NC

This job required replacing the anchor bolts that hold down the lifting equipment that raises and lowers the bridge for boat and ship traffic. The rusty 8′ long anchor bolts went through several steel plates embedded in concrete. We used special drilling methods and custom made bits to cut through the material. We were able to pull the entire anchor bolt out, and install new anchors. As a result, NCDOT reports that the equipment should be good for another 50 years.


VDOT/ Interstate Improvement Inc. I-85 concrete rehab

This project required replacement of 70,000 SY of continuously reinforced roadway on I-85 in Petersburg, VA. Dan-Kel was contracted by Interstate Improvement, Inc. to perform the concrete cutting on the project which included cutting 350,000 LF of 9″ continuously reinforced concrete pavement, and approximately 70,000 Linear ft. of 3″ tieback cuts which required precision cutting to avoid cutting the steel. While other contractors were estimating one year’s worth of work, Interstate Improvement wanted it done in 4 months. We rose to the occasion and completed what should have been an 18-month project within their timeframe; just 4 months.


FDOT/ Southeast Pavement Services- I-95 Patching in Jacksonville, FL

Finishing what another cutting company couldn’t manage, Dan-Kel was called in to perform concrete cutting for patching on busy I-95 in Jacksonville, FL. The previous cutting contractor had left the job, and the General Contractor attempted, unsuccessfully, to complete the work. We were called in and came up with a solution to get the job done on time and within budget. They were very happy that they could focus on their work and leave the cutting to the experts.

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