Our state-of-the art, high efficiency diesel, electric, and hydraulic slab saws will cut any type of pavement up to 32” thick. We employ a fleet of saw trucks for high production sawing with the ability to take on highway, airport, parking lot, and other large jobs where precision sawing done quickly and cost effecctively is important. Wire saws can be used for even greater thicknesses and in difficult to reach spaces.


We have electric, and hydraulic core drills, as well as diamond circle wire saws to cut holes to virtually any depth or diameter. We have drilled precision holes over 20’ deep and holes 80” in diameter for countless satisfied customers. Using the most up-to-date, diamond-tipped equipment, operated by experienced technicians trained in safety and efficiency, our customers get the core drilled right the first time.


Using diamond wire to cut concrete that’s too thick for a blade, or for work in confined spaces where a traditional blade won’t fit, Dan-Kel is the Southeast’s choice for challenging concrete cutting jobs. Using diamond wire with pulley configurations, the cutting possibilities are endless. When you have a job for which a traditional concrete saw blade won’t work, diamond wire sawing from Dan-Kel’s team of experts could be your answer.

Dan-Kel Concrete Cutting

Established in 1983, Dan-Kel Concrete Cutting has become the premier concrete coring and sawing company in the Southeast. Dan-Kel is fully equipped with a fleet of trucks, and an experienced staff, along with the equipment and knowhow to take on any concrete project, from a one-core drill at a residence to complete bridge demolition cutting. Additionally, Dan-Kel is the Southeast’s choice for concrete GPR scanning, interior trenching, concrete sawing, and core-drilling of every size and type. Confident to take on any size project, Dan-Kel has offices in Myrtle Beach, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Richmond, VA, and Atlanta, GA. We are licensed in NC, SC, GA, VA, WV, FL, and AL. For larger jobs we pull resources from our four locations to ensure the work is completed on time. Safety, efficiency, accuracy, and affordability – is Dan-Kel’s promise to you.

We are A Certified DBE company in FL, GA, NC, SC & TN.

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